1966 Ford Mustang that shouldn't be underestimated

In 1964, Ford developed and released a car that would become one of the longest produced cars in American history! This has been Ford Motor Companies long standing success and a staple on the classic car market for the thousands of enthusiast of all generations who have long adored the legendary muscle car. This beauty is powered by the original 289 v8 engine and paired with a 3 speed automatic transmission. The silver paint still has a good shine but you can tell she has enjoyed time on the road as any pony deserves! The interior is very nice, no rips, stains or tears of any kind. It looks good now and will look even better when it is sitting in your driveway.

Our story

Once known as stangmode.com now known as on3supply the greatest mustang giveaway company of all time.

Winner, after winner. Sometimes its only $1 other times it was a poster, but now matter how they won it was life changing!